Totally Pantsing It

Tippy the 3 legged cat is the
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I used to be a big fanfiction reader. In October 2010, in the fanfiction community I frequented, I saw several writers mention how excited they were for the upcoming NaNoWriMo. I was curious. What was this NaNoWriMo thing? I looked into it and found myself tumbling down the rabbit hole. I had always been a “hobby writer” - I was not seeking publication or even recognition for my work. I just liked writing as a fun activity in my spare time. But NaNo seemed like a great way to be a little more ambitious about it. Join a community. Increase my writing output.

I participated in - and won - NaNoWriMo that year. And the next year, and the next. I participated all the way until 2015, when (with a toddler and a newborn completely absorbing all my attention) I finally took a break. My hope was to be back in 2016 with a renewed energy and readiness to write. So here I am! No plot, but no problem. ;) Totally pantsing it.

NaNo has completely changed the way I write. By simply focusing on the word goal, I find I am able to write myself out of even the toughest corners, and overcome the most ridiculous plot holes. My mind becomes sharper, and my creativity becomes boundless. I owe a lot to NaNo, and to its amazing community - all the way from the international community on its message boards, to the local group of Dayton writers. I met two of my best friends through NaNo. If you keep your minds and hearts open, you will be amazed by what you accomplish through this challenge.

Chelsea (Tippy's mama)
Username: Pantalaimon
Genre: Science fiction


  1. Thank you, Chelsea sharing your creativity with us (& Tippy too). Have a fabulous Nano.

  2. And we should all remember to honor Tippy! Tippia vult!

  3. Go, Chelsea! I'm so glad you've plunged back in. Good for you. Happy writing!


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