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A Taste of The Double D

Jessica hugged herself and looked at the mirror on the wall. Trust him? She did, didn’t she? Things between them had been intensifying. Sometimes the all-consuming way he gazed at her made her feel as if her skin would sizzle right off. That cowboy was so sexy and masculine, at times, he made it hard to think.
It was all this romance swirling around Fortuna. She shook her head. This was all Undine’s fault. Her and those blasted novels. The arousal avalanche started with the discovery of the provocative hoard, for the town and her, a sexual awakening. Could she embrace the sexy, sensual side of life?          Not yet.
         Was she tempted to face it with Joe?
         Hell, yeah. Life with Josiah Barnes would be like riding a mechanical bull, every second would count and it’d be one hell of a ride.