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Congratulations Dayton Ohio Wrimos!

Dayton out wrote the Cincinnati region in our first ever regional word war. Congratulations are in order to both groups for writing over 16 million words combined. That is an incredible feat!

Dayton also out donated the Cincy group by $55.00. Great competition between the neighboring regions. Dayton is looking forward to some kind of ode, poem or other creative work dedicated to Tippy the three legged cat (Dayton's lovable mascot). Happy writing Cincinnati and congrats again to Dayton!

NaNoWriMo Is Over: Finish That Novel!

Some people will breathe easier and some will go through withdraw. My after-Nano plans are simple: finish The Companion. I'm about 75%-80% done. I should be able to accomplish this in a relatively short time now that my characters are speaking to me.

This story is based on a dream I had years ago. I actually wrote an outline (of the dream), character list and four chapters of the story. Even with this preparation and thinking about the dream weekly, when I sat to write I didn't feel it.
I believed my characters were being stubborn. I didn't feel the chemistry between them. The switch from third to first perspective threw me, computer problems frustrated me, family and ML duties pulled my focus away. I shouldn't have blamed my characters they'd been speaking to me from the beginning. Vanessa Warsaw tells us: 

I had to get away. So I left. I quit my job and ran away from my family. I loved the job but my family…

This is how she started her story and everything is how …