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Sweeter Than Chocolate: A Novella Part 4

James was admiring the waitress at the table behind her so he did not notice the sudden color. She tried not to look at the man again but could not help but watch him on the way out. Liz realized that the man looked like Ian, cleaned up and dressed up. He held the door open and looked back at her and winked again. She gaped, it was Ian. Color sprang to her cheeks again and she tried to stifle a grin.
The rest of the day she tried to get the handsome, confident, mature image of Ian out of her head but it tugged at her thoughts. Why was he dressed like that if he worked at a casual clothing store? Maybe he had a job interview.The day passed slowly; near closing she thought about home and wondered if Ian would be inside it again. She did not see how it could be possible now that everything was locked.
That night she went into the kitchen and set the coffee maker for 5 a.m. She turned on the lights and walked through the rooms. Ian was not there. She did not know if she should feel disappo…

Chronicles of Eventide

Hello, National novel writing month is over...phew! I worked on a fantasy called I Am Mai: Chronicles of Eventide. The challenge of is to complete 50k words in 30 days. This year I was able to get 52k by the deadline. This work has really come to life on its own spurning characters and situations I hadn't anticipated. I have never wrote a fantasy of this magnitude before and it was very challenging to create all the names of places, governments, topography and cultures. I spent a month maping and naming places in one country then the story stayed in another (I hadn't planned on staying in that country for more than a brief visit!) for 3/4 the first book. Chronicles has turned out to be an appropriate name because this world has depth to it. I hope to get a synopsis and some sample chapters up to the site soon. Thanks, Rochelle