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The FortunaTexas Series

This past October, the weekend before November, I had a dream. In this dream I saw a ranch with a young female owner. She didn't trust men. This dream quickly evolved into a story and on November 1st I wrote about Jessie Davidson and the Double D ranch.

You see, November is National Novel Writing Month and instead of going ahead with the storyline I plotted and researched for months I went with something fresh and new. It's a funny story. Halfway through one of my favorite characters came into existence: Desire Hardman. Desire is an ornery old woman, Jessie's grandmother's best friend, owner of the Tease Me Salon & More and an ex-stripper. She emboldens Jessie, helps her start another business and encourages her to find love. I went back to the beginning and added her from the start.

I am attending a writing conference in April and hope to have the opportunity to pitch the Double D. If they like it there are two more in the series milling around in my mind. I was p…