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Two Great Confernces & One Short Blog

I had a wonderful time at the Chicago North RWA's Spring Fling and Lori Foster's Reader & Author Get Together (RAGT). They were spaced two weeks apart. I had a busy, fun-filled spring.

At the Spring Fling I sampled many sessions to hone my craft, visited with old and new friends, attended a gala dinner, pitched the Double D and received third place in the Fire & Ice Contest for my romantic suspense Against the Laws.

I pitched the Double D, a contemporary western romance, to two agents and they both wanted to see more. One requested the whole manuscript. I'm excited. My goal is to spend a few months polishing the Double D until it shines like a jewel. It's complete at around 85k words and has a sequel.

The RAGT event was memorable. I met authors who took me under their wings and encouraged me.

I bumped into some friends that I only see each year at RAGT. Took a few classes, made a romance book cover and designed the perfect hero. I met an author from Kansas tha…