The Big Dream by C.J. Baty

C.J. Baty is my Nano name as well as my pen name.

This year I will be working on the 3rd book in the Pinkerton Man Series possible title is An Education in Love/The Pinkerton Man Series bk. 3.

This is my second year to do Nano and I did participate in Camp Nano though I didn't make my quota either time. Although the story I was working on was published as Home on the Range/The Pinkerton Man Bk 2 in June this year.

I actually found Nano on Facebook when I noticed some of my author friends and readers who were discussing it.

My favorite part of Nano is talking with others who have a love for writing and reading. It's great to share ideas and discuss plots with those who really understand your passion.

Being a published author was the big dream for me and even though I waited until I was much older to get started, I wouldn't change a thing. It has been an amazing ride. If that is your goal, than I'd encourage you to keep at it. There are a lot of Indie Publishers out there looking for good stories. Find one who specializes in your genre and submit. Submit. Submit. Anthologies are another way to get your foot in the door with publishers. Short stories all based around a theme gives you a chance to try something new as well.

Oh, and I did write Tippy into my story last year and he is in the published book.

I'm coming back because it's good to write in a group and exchange ideas. I've found this time away from my desk at home helps me find a grove that I can work on during the week

You can follow me at @cbaty on twitter, C.J. Baty, Author on Facebook and my blog is Amazon Author page.


  1. Thank you for sharing, CJ. I'm glad you followed your dream. Happy Writing!

  2. And you have so many exciting irons in the fire! I'm thrilled for you and happy to know you, CJ. Happy writing!


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