NaNoWriMo Day 2

Daily Snippets #2, November 2, 2015
Awesome! You've made it to day two. I hope your enthusiasm will carry you 28 more days. I have themed this snippet. It's wibbly wobbly sci-y fi-y stuff. Hope you enjoy it!

You know you're a writer when...
You can make your 1,667 word goal. Check Twitter for #wordwars and gain words by competing against others. It's a fun way to keep up your total word count, meet others and keep the writing from getting monotonous. Here's a visual writing prompt. Now get back to writing!


  1. Thank you for these. I appreciated the laugh. Now I need to stop messing around and finish today's word count!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, you must get that word count in. It looks like OCGR is pulling ahead.


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