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Someone asked me the other day what I did for fun when I wasn't working. "I write." These two words spurn a bunch of questions. 
Q:  What do you write?
A:  Novels

They seem to be impressed. Why? Perhaps my speaking vocabulary in the social setting leaves something to be desired. Actually I find people wish they could write a novel. Most people long to express themselves in an artistic way but doubt themselves.

Q:  What type? 
A: Mainstream Fiction with a touch of Sci-fi and romance.

My church family automatically assumes I write Christian material. This is not true. While my work is reflective of my personal faith it is not strictly limited to this genre. Venturing out of mainstream fiction, I have completed an epic fantasy. That was fun. I have started the sequel.

I like shocking people with the fact that I have written 9 complete novels. Knowing someone who has written one novel is, well, novel but 9? A follower on Twitter tweeted that I'm not a novice writer because …