Someone asked me the other day what I did for fun when I wasn't working. "I write." These two words spurn a bunch of questions. 

Q:  What do you write?
A:  Novels

They seem to be impressed. Why? Perhaps my speaking vocabulary in the social setting leaves something to be desired. Actually I find people wish they could write a novel. Most people long to express themselves in an artistic way but doubt themselves.

Q:  What type? 
A: Mainstream Fiction with a touch of Sci-fi and romance.

My church family automatically assumes I write Christian material. This is not true. While my work is reflective of my personal faith it is not strictly limited to this genre. Venturing out of mainstream fiction, I have completed an epic fantasy. That was fun. I have started the sequel.

I like shocking people with the fact that I have written 9 complete novels. Knowing someone who has written one novel is, well, novel but 9? A follower on Twitter tweeted that I'm not a novice writer because of that. I am. Follow me: @thenovicewriter

Next comes:

Q:  Can I get your story on Amazon?
A: No. I'm not published but you can read one online for free.

Q: Can I download it to my Kindle?
A: No but... (Eyes cloud over and attention goes elsewhere)

Ironically people want to pay to read my stories when I tell them they can read one for free. Free. I like that word. I put my first, my baby, the novel written while in the midst of a hurricane out there for other novice writers to read and pick apart. There was some good constructive criticism.

Getting back to the free part... it can be read online for free. That's right no cost. Completely free, no gimmicks or signing up for anything. The one drawback is that it can't be downloaded... Bummer. You will have to bookmark the page on your devise of choice. Click: Blood & Tear Tattoos.  That will take you to the first chapter. Choose 2 to read the second chapter and 3 to read the third etc. It's pretty straight forward. You can read it on your Kindle Fire if you have Wi-Fi.

I've given this link out to many people but they were just being polite. I believe they had no intention of reading it.

Do you like to read? I would love to hear from someone who has actually read the entire work.
Rochelle Bradley


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