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Young People... That's me!

I went to Panera this week to meet with a few other writers. I sat with my netbook open and my current WIP on screen in Scrivner. We happened to be talking over a characterization problem when a blond woman plopped her mammoth laptop on the table next to me.

She was slender with long hair. Her eyes had mild crows feet but, by no means, was she old. As I studied her face, I wondered how I knew her.

She smiled as she said, "This won't work. Can you get it to connect?"

Okay. I'm not a computer genius but connecting to Wi-Fi I can do. Sometimes the Panera Wi-Fi is stubborn. She has the Yahoo homepage open and Scott Trade in the search bar but it's not searching. I check her Wi-Fi icon for connectivity (makes me sound tech savvy-huh?) The internet access icon had a ! next to it. Who knows why the connection was wonky but I disconnected and reconnected.

I asked the lady if I could open a new internet window and the Yahoo homepage popped up again. She became excited. &…