Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In Triplicate, my newest novel

Three identical individuals born to a pair of geneticists was a curious thing. Identicals are nature’s clones, it is true, but what if nature had nothing to do with it?

Working at Camp Awana Hackalugi for the summer is Lauren McKay's last hooray before starting a career in the fall. Camp AH was a favorite of hers as a teen and the place where she met Alex Murphy, a sad sixteen year old who captured her heart and never gave it back. Lauren bumps into another counselor whom she thinks is Alex only to find out it's his younger brother, Matt. He, and the identical brothers Jon and Trey, informed her that Alex passed away in a car accident but things don't add up. The date on Alex Murphy's gravestone says he died in the spring before she met him. That meant that Alex is pretending to be one of the triplets or one of the younger brothers pretended to be older. Regardless the man she knew is still alive but is keeping his mouth shut.

With the help of her sister, Lisa McKay, and Grandpa Jack she learns of a compelling love story between doctors Allen & Laurel Murphy and the mysterious circumstances behind the sudden closing of the lab where they and Lauren's parents worked. Was the funding cut because of something unethical? Why won't her parents divuge any information about the past?

Friday, November 4, 2011

That Time of the Year Again

It is November and National Novel Writing Month. Join people across the world as they attempt to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Visit http://www.nanowrimo.org/

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Am Mai book one of The Chronicles of Eventide Contest Pitch

This pitch had to be no more than 300 words long and express the unique qualities and overall story line of the work. I likened it to taking a sequoia and trimming it down to a toothpick but a toothpick that can tell the story from seed to grown tree. If you are a fantasy reader please let me know if this is something you would buy. Thank you. Enjoy! Read I Am Mai

The Chronicles of Eventide
I Am Mai
(Book 1)

The Moon Clan real? Never in her unbridled fantasies did Len’nora expect legend to become truth. The glowing moonstones verified the fabled people existed but are they Elven or human?

In Anaglacia, beneath the Great Sand Sea, lie the countries of Utholden and Ormanda. Darkness is slowly pervading the countryside causing strife and, according to prophecy, only the Mai has the authority to stop it. Personal tragedy caused the Mai to suppress her power and distrust all men after seeing her family destroyed.

The Utholden realm of Eventide is where Len’nora was born but she never asked to be the Mai. The Merkevare was placed upon her chest before birth. It shimmers like the moonlight but not all behold the circular mark, only believers.

She has acute hearing, smell and eyesight, cat-like agility and the strangest of all; her long black hair can fan out for balance, harden protectively like a helmet, once it even formed a blade and sawed through bindings holding her wrists. It is unnerving to behold the hairs whipping around without wind to move them.

After being manipulated by King Durust Berk the Mai journeys to Ormanda as young Prince Riordan Berk’s companion. The King knows of a prophecy that only she can read, a prophecy written on a sacred moonstone and illuminated by moonlight. On midwinters night a beam of celestial light guides them toward the enchanted stone. The ancient script reacts to the Merkavare like a lock to a key; inscribed was an incomplete prophecy that spoke of moonstones scattered throughout Anaglacia.

The Prince proves trustworthy and together they embark on an enchanted moonstone scavenger hunt. Before Len’nora can embrace the quest, of gathering the entire prophecy, the Peacemaker must make peace with her troubled past by righting wrongs and coming into full power.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chronicles of Eventide: I Am Mai is up on Authonomy

This is the story that I started in November 2010 for National Novel Writing Month. It is now completed and I have started book two The Chronicles of Eventide: Journey to Sands End.


In Anaglacia beneath the Great Sand Sea lie the countries of Utholden and Ormanda, their peoples as different as their governments. The Mai is a peacekeeper, a diplomat for the common people, for all of Anaglacia. Len’nora of Eventide, is the current Mai; the previous Mai mysteriously disappeared from Utholden seventy cycles prior but memories are short and the Mai is falling into legend as the Elves, Weres & Moon Clan.

The Merkevare, the brand of Mai, was placed upon her skin before birth. The mark shimmers like the moonlight unless she calls the power forth then it blazes as the sun. Not all saw the mark that rests high on her chest, only those that believe.

King Durust Berk of Ormanda manipulates Len’nora to visit the capital, Melchior, as Prince Riorden’s companion; however, the King has ulterior motives. He knows of a prophecy that only she can read, a prophecy written on a sacred moonstone and illuminated by the moonlight. An ancient race scattered the stones throughout Anaglacia but was it the Elves or the Moon Clan?

Before she can embrace the quest, of piecing together the prophecy from the enchanted stones, the Peacemaker must make peace with her troubled past.

Read the first 5 Chapters at The Chronicles of Eventide

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sweeter Than Chocolate: A Novella Part 5

Liz arrived at Sinfully Sweet early and found the door unlocked and went in. The smells swirling around were wonderful. Martha greeted her and pulled out a batch of Chocolate Chocolate-chip Muffins.  They talked some about Martha’s needs and the best sellers in the store then they touched on Jennifer’s boyfriend of the week.  Liz went to the office and started to sort a mound of paper work.

Martha peeked into the office. “So what do you think of the boy?” Liz ignored her for a moment and then looked up. “What do you think of Ian?”

“Oh, he is fairly young, isn’t he?” she said with a noncommittal grin. “What’s this I hear about him sneaking in here and getting some food?”

“It was just a few crumbled muffins,” Martha laughed. “He’s a sweet young man. He’s a looker too. I thought you two would have a lot in common.” Martha washed her hands at the sink and then sat at the table outside of the office and checked her watch. There was a bell and Martha got up to get the items. She was gone for a while and Liz made some good progress on the stack of work.

Martha appeared at the office door in a white hair net and with a big smile. “So when is your big date with Ian?”

“Tuesday, I guess,” she said without looking up.

“Oh, that’s right, a big picnic. The mountains are beautiful in the spring.” She giggled and looked over shoulder towards the ovens.

Liz looked up. Martha knew more than she did. Ian was smart to pick Martha’s brain. No one knew more about Liz than Martha, especially concerning all things chocolate. Having befriended Martha showed Liz that Ian was interested in getting to know the real Liz Fairholm.

He knew Liz’s business at work and where she lived, maybe he was a serial killer. “I’ll have my phone, in case I don’t return, you’ll know where to find my body.”

Martha laughed. “Oh heavens, child, Florian would never hurt you.”

“What about the floor?” Liz asked confused.

“Don’t you think he’s cute?”

“He’s alright,” she paused but knew that Martha wanted more than that so she continued, “His hair is the color of milk chocolate.”

Martha smiled tenderly and chuckled. “I’m glad you noticed. Wasn’t there anything else you noticed about him?”

It was odd that Martha thought she wouldn’t have observed that he was a handsome man. Even if he was too young for her, she still had eyes. “His eyes are the color of dark Chocolate.” Liz added with a dreamy smile.

“Chocolate, chocolate, everything is about chocolate,” laughed Martha.

“Yes, it is. That’s my life, Martha, my first love,” she said with confidence.

“Oh honey, there’s more to life than chocolate. Ian’s going to have a hard time competing with that,” Martha said looking worried.

“Martha, I wouldn’t worry about Ian. I have a feeling that if he decides to give it a go, he’ll have a better time than most then watch out chocolate,” Liz said and looked up at Martha’s shocked face. It sounded like she issued Ian a challenge, a challenge she was sure he could win. “You know how he is: he’s determined to keep showing up.” Martha looked nervously over her shoulder towards the ovens but she was reluctant to leave the conversation. Liz continued, “I have been enjoying his visits. It’s always nice to have another friend especially outside of work.”

“I’m sure he’s been enjoying his visits with you too,” Martha had a twinkle in her eye that made Liz suspect that they had a visitor.

“You know he really has a way with breaking and entering unannounced,” Liz accused then monitored Martha’s sideways nervous glance. Liz stood and went into the kitchen and found Ian sitting on the stainless steel table in the center of the kitchen. He blushed and waved. She strode past him to the backdoor and proceeded to twist the lock. She looked at him, raised her eyebrows and pointed at the lock.

Ian smiled big. “Good job.”

“Oh, heavens. You just locked him in here, honey,” said Martha with a wink. Liz rolled her eyes.