In Triplicate, my newest novel

Three identical individuals born to a pair of geneticists was a curious thing. Identicals are nature’s clones, it is true, but what if nature had nothing to do with it?

Working at Camp Awana Hackalugi for the summer is Lauren McKay's last hooray before starting a career in the fall. Camp AH was a favorite of hers as a teen and the place where she met Alex Murphy, a sad sixteen year old who captured her heart and never gave it back. Lauren bumps into another counselor whom she thinks is Alex only to find out it's his younger brother, Matt. He, and the identical brothers Jon and Trey, informed her that Alex passed away in a car accident but things don't add up. The date on Alex Murphy's gravestone says he died in the spring before she met him. That meant that Alex is pretending to be one of the triplets or one of the younger brothers pretended to be older. Regardless the man she knew is still alive but is keeping his mouth shut.

With the help of her sister, Lisa McKay, and Grandpa Jack she learns of a compelling love story between doctors Allen & Laurel Murphy and the mysterious circumstances behind the sudden closing of the lab where they and Lauren's parents worked. Was the funding cut because of something unethical? Why won't her parents divuge any information about the past?


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