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What to Nano?

What to Nano? For national novel writing month (November) I have been toggling between a YA Fantasy: Bliss Unaware and a newer story that is Fantasy/Romance called Altered State. Both stories were derived from dreams. I started Altered State this spring and wish to finish it. I'm about 2/3 of the way done. Sometimes with writing, you get suck and it feels like you're wheels are spinning in the mud. I sat aside the story and reread some my other unfinished works and ideas. I spoke with a friend who listened to the gist of Altered State. He asked questions. I uttered frustrations. He encouraged and made suggestions. I listened. I mulled over things. Sometimes perspective needs to change in order to see something new. Altered State rotates around three individuals, their thoughts and experiences.  Writing three different perspectives is challenging. The heroine, Kat Montgomery, is struggling to find her place in the world, a world that grows considerably larger when she learns a…


Someone asked me the other day what I did for fun when I wasn't working. "I write." These two words spurn a bunch of questions. 
Q:  What do you write?
A:  Novels

They seem to be impressed. Why? Perhaps my speaking vocabulary in the social setting leaves something to be desired. Actually I find people wish they could write a novel. Most people long to express themselves in an artistic way but doubt themselves.

Q:  What type? 
A: Mainstream Fiction with a touch of Sci-fi and romance.

My church family automatically assumes I write Christian material. This is not true. While my work is reflective of my personal faith it is not strictly limited to this genre. Venturing out of mainstream fiction, I have completed an epic fantasy. That was fun. I have started the sequel.

I like shocking people with the fact that I have written 9 complete novels. Knowing someone who has written one novel is, well, novel but 9? A follower on Twitter tweeted that I'm not a novice writer because …

Sweeter Than Chocolate: A Novella Part 6

Sweeter Than Chocolate Part 1 Sweeter Than Chocolate Part 2 Sweeter Than Chocolate Part 3 Sweeter Than Chocolate Part 4 Sweeter Than Chocolate Part 5 Tuesday did not come fast enough for Liz; she was anxiously awaiting the big adventure. Ian called twice a day until Tuesday. Monday night when he called and she spoke with him at length about how to dress and if she needed to bring anything. He hinted that they might see a waterfall but was not sure he could find his way there.
She did not arrive at Sinfully Sweetuntil 8 a.m. Martha was pleasantly pleased at her unusually late hour of arrival. She looked refreshed and happy. She was actually going out into the countryside to enjoy the spring weather and the sky was brilliantly blue with wispy clouds. Ian advised her to wear jeans and a t-shirt but to bring a sweatshirt or light jacket. The breezes in the mountain woods could still be chilly.
At 8:30 he opened the backdoor, she purposely left unlocked for him, ready to whisk her away. They drov…