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Fire & Ice Finalist

Good news! I received an email last week that made me smile. It still does.

I'm attending a Romance Writers of America conference at the end of May, and they offer a writing contest. I considered entering but was intimidated. I'd never entered a romance writing contest before.

I decided to try the category of romantic suspense. Dusting off an old NaNoWriMo Novel (from Nano 2012), I reviewed the manuscript.

I found my courage and asked my critique group and a couple writer friends to view my edits. A few final tweaks and I sent it in. Low and behold, I'm now 1 of 3 finalists in the romantic suspense category. Yay!
The Fire & Ice Finalist List

The story, Against the Laws, is about a woman trying to evade the clutches of her abusive husband and his hired thugs, who will stop at nothing to get her back under his control. For two years, she’s traveled the country, living small town to small town, and successfully flying under the radar—until a blundering bank robber thrusts…