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Fun with the Girls

This week I had my first mammogram. It was an experience I was putting off as long as I could.

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was like going to a spa with a plush warm robe and relaxing music until the unnaturally squashing of things that like gentle caresses and the awkward way you contort your face and stomach presses against a cold machine or the handle naturally held with a death grip then there is the stranger manipulating your boob so it can say "Cheese". Besides all that, it was cake.

The waiting area was busy. There were kids, a man and an old lady waiting for some unfortunate soul. "Hey, Grandma, you want to get mammograms the same day?" No thanks. And what's up with bringing the kids or husband? How do you explain that one: "Don't worry, Johnny, Mommy is just having her fun bags squished and photographed by the doctor."

The receptionist called my name and I went to fill out the paper work. Not a clip board fill-in-th…