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Romance Virginity

The last weekend in April I experienced something new in my writing career. I ventured northwest to Chicago. That in and of itself was something new but it wasn't the only thing. I attended a romance conference. Clarification: A Romance Writers Conference. The Chicago-North Chapter of Romance Writers of America sponsored the Spring Fling 2014.The sessions and speakers were great. Here are some things I learned:

You never know who will be there. There were some well known names like Lauren Dane, Mary Balogh & Kristen Higgins. I met wonderful people both published and unpublished and I actually bumped into a high school friend (small world). Take advantage of other peoples fears. Yeah, that's right. When they chicken out of pitch sessions jump in and go for it. It might be the only chance you get to 'pimp' your work.Make memories. I greeted an agent with "Hi, I'm a romance conference and pitching virgin." "I'll be gentle," she replied. She…