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I Am Mai book one of The Chronicles of Eventide Contest Pitch

This pitch had to be no more than 300 words long and express the unique qualities and overall story line of the work. I likened it to taking a sequoia and trimming it down to a toothpick but a toothpick that can tell the story from seed to grown tree. If you are a fantasy reader please let me know if this is something you would buy. Thank you. Enjoy! Read I Am Mai

The Chronicles of Eventide
I Am Mai
(Book 1)

The Moon Clan real? Never in her unbridled fantasies did Len’nora expect legend to become truth. The glowing moonstones verified the fabled people existed but are they Elven or human?

In Anaglacia, beneath the Great Sand Sea, lie the countries of Utholden and Ormanda. Darkness is slowly pervading the countryside causing strife and, according to prophecy, only the Mai has the authority to stop it. Personal tragedy caused the Mai to suppress her power and distrust all men after seeing her family destroyed.

The Utholden realm of Eventide is where Len’nora was born but she never asked to…