What to Nano?

What to Nano?
For national novel writing month (November) I have been toggling between a YA Fantasy: Bliss Unaware and a newer story that is Fantasy/Romance called Altered State. Both stories were derived from dreams. I started Altered State this spring and wish to finish it. I'm about 2/3 of the way done. Sometimes with writing, you get suck and it feels like you're wheels are spinning in the mud. I sat aside the story and reread some my other unfinished works and ideas.
I spoke with a friend who listened to the gist of Altered State. He asked questions. I uttered frustrations. He encouraged and made suggestions. I listened. I mulled over things. Sometimes perspective needs to change in order to see something new.
Altered State rotates around three individuals, their thoughts and experiences.  Writing three different perspectives is challenging. The heroine, Kat Montgomery, is struggling to find her place in the world, a world that grows considerably larger when she learns about the existence of shapeshifters. Being a human in their community is a pain and she almost is murdered. Her story is paralleled by two male shapeshifting individuals who enhance and complicate her life. 
The problem was time: too much, not enough, gaps. However, changing from one character's point of view to another helped to rectify these issues and now instead of being hesitant to write I'm downright antsy to get started. So I impatiently wait for November.
I would like to take on the crazy world of myths and legend in Bliss Unaware. I have been outlining and thinking extensively about this storyline since September, that is until I dumped on my friend about the other story.
Now I don't now which fantasy I should write. Ugh. To complicate matters I had another awesome dream that would make a great Nano novel. A sweet modern-fiction romance. Hmm.  Decisions. 


  1. I did neither of these... Such is life.


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