Chronicles of Eventide: I Am Mai is up on Authonomy

This is the story that I started in November 2010 for National Novel Writing Month. It is now completed and I have started book two The Chronicles of Eventide: Journey to Sands End.


In Anaglacia beneath the Great Sand Sea lie the countries of Utholden and Ormanda, their peoples as different as their governments. The Mai is a peacekeeper, a diplomat for the common people, for all of Anaglacia. Len’nora of Eventide, is the current Mai; the previous Mai mysteriously disappeared from Utholden seventy cycles prior but memories are short and the Mai is falling into legend as the Elves, Weres & Moon Clan.

The Merkevare, the brand of Mai, was placed upon her skin before birth. The mark shimmers like the moonlight unless she calls the power forth then it blazes as the sun. Not all saw the mark that rests high on her chest, only those that believe.

King Durust Berk of Ormanda manipulates Len’nora to visit the capital, Melchior, as Prince Riorden’s companion; however, the King has ulterior motives. He knows of a prophecy that only she can read, a prophecy written on a sacred moonstone and illuminated by the moonlight. An ancient race scattered the stones throughout Anaglacia but was it the Elves or the Moon Clan?

Before she can embrace the quest, of piecing together the prophecy from the enchanted stones, the Peacemaker must make peace with her troubled past.

Read the first 5 Chapters at The Chronicles of Eventide


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