This November

National Novel Writing Month is quickly approaching. I've participated in this yearly challenge since 2008. This year I've volunteered to be a Municipal Liaison for my NaNoWriMo region. I feel honored and excited about this opportunity to kindle writers' passion.
Here are a few things I do to get ready for NaNoWriMo. I search for snapshots of people similar to how I view my main characters. I build a portfolio of characters and places significant to them, like their favorite pub. This helps me keep their physical attributes straight and if I ever forget, I can check the photo.

Another thing that helps me envision the completed manuscript is creating a cover and a blurb. Over Labor Day weekend I took a picture of a barn while the sun set. I enjoyed creating the cover art. It's a great visual to help keep me focused on the end goal while I'm chugging away at daily word count goals.
If you have a story in your mind that you think would make a great book but you've never tried to get it out of your head by writing, I  encourage you to join me this November at . I hope these tips help you to start seeing your characters and the places they live, work and travel.


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