This summer I have two goals. One: write 10,000 words for www.campnanowrimo.org and two: edit The Double D (the complete manuscript). Luckily these goals coincide.

Camp Nanowrimo is a time when a writer can pick their own word count goal. The least amount is 10K and the most is 50K. As I write this I am one hundred and five words away from completing goal number one.

My contemporary western romance has twenty-nine chapters and I am currently working on number twenty. The date I have in  mind to be finished is August twelfth. I'm not confident it can be completed by then. Hey, you can't rush perfection.

Can you spot the camouflage kitty? My desk only has half the number of books on it and my writing sphinx is curled up on a chair taking a snooze.

Well, enough procrastinating... time to get those one hundred and five words finished.


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