Bliss Unaware

I started a new story this past week called Bliss Unaware.

Opening paragraph:
I’m gifted or a freak depending on your point of view. My fingertips are like magic, or a curse; they can sense things. What, I’m not exactly sure. At the moment my hands and fingers feel normal. Nothing out of the ordinary is near me.

Brief synopsis:
Cecily Belenus believes she is the average high school senior but she is unaware of her secret genealogy. Her brother, Josh and she believe her father died when they were toddlers. Her mother's career is questionable with men in and out at all hours and the family moving from place to place every few years.

She met Rayneard Balder when she was five and he has never been far from her since but he remained hidden through the years. She has an abnormal connection with him and can sense him nearby. He is in the complete world that she cannot see into until she comes of age.

Rayne's people, the Quirinis, are long lived, secretive and whose ancient familial lines have spurned such myths as elves, sennins, werewolves, demigods and vampires.

Cecily is a child of both worlds. The unknown world of the Quirinus is pressing down upon her threatening to consume her and her family. With Rayne's help as her friend and tutor she submerges herself into the history and life of the Quirinus, narrowly escapes being bonded to an evil man's family, kidnapping and plots to destroy her family line.


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