NaNoWriMo Day 6

Daily Snippets #, November 6, 2015

 This post is to encourage fanfic writers. I personally know two published authors who started their writing career by sharing their fanfic short stories on websites with other fans. They collected followers and found an outlet for their passion, eventually leading them to bigger and better things. Keep those ideas coming.

You know you're a writer when... and Writer Leopard.
You're not alone. Check the forums, crash a write in, challenge someone in a word war or visit a blog. Interact. Get out or stay in, but connect. Never feel like you are alone.


  1. That Ray Bradbury quote is awesome. Thank you for these great posts. I have to add that my fanfic days definitely gave me confidence to sell a short story. Fanfic harbors a lot of talented people, for sure. Write on, folks!

  2. Thanks for comments. You can do it. Just keep writing! :)


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