NaNoWriMo Day 3

 Daily Snippets #3, November 3, 2015

I chose romance for today's featured genre for two reasons.
1. It's my wonderful husband's birthday today and the poor guy get's the shaft (figuratively speaking) during November. Wish him a happy birthday in the comments below. All my heros are inspired by my husband. Love that man dearly!
2. I write romance and it's near and dear to my heart.
Any writer with a romantic arc in their novel might find this next image helpful. It describes lips.
"You know your a writer when..."

Writer Leopard...

Now it's time to open your document and type a new scene but before you lock yourself away to write, go and give your loved ones a hug and tell them you love them.


  1. These are really good. Thank you for the boost. I hope your husband had a wonderful birthday. Happy writing! Need to get working on that myself, now.


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