National Novel Writing Month 2016

With November being National Novel Writing Month or Nanowrimo, I've been considering what story to write this year. I have several swirling around in my mind. Two in particular I think about when I go to bed at night. I also need to finish the third in the Fortuna Texas series.

I chose The Companion. A few years ago, I had a dream about a woman seeking solace who ends up stuck in a trying situation. 

Here is a short synopsis:
All Vanessa Warshaw wanted was to be alone, instead she ended up shackled to a man for twenty-four hours.

As the oldest, her father constantly paraded men in front of her hoping she'd pick one so he could have a son-in-law to run the family business. Who had time for men when she was married to a multi-million dollar company that depended on her? At least, her identical sister weeded out the bad seeds by sleeping with them. Too bad it turned out to be all of them.

When her father hires a man to seduce her and bring her home, she must rely on a stranger, who reminds her of her first love, to keep her body from falling into temptation. Distracting her from one gorgeous man with another, this one with sexy boy-next-door charm and looks, proves just as tempting.

Twenty-four stinkin' hours. Was it too much to ask for some alone time on the private resort she'd booked? Apparently, it was.

I've only written four chapters and those are unedited and need a total rewrite. This dream was a fun vacation from the norm. I hope Vanessa can find some peace by the end of November.


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