The past two weeks my home is getting a few updates. New floors (carpet and Congoleum), baseboards and door casings. It will be nice once it's finished. However, I've been held prisoner in my home. Waiting (and waiting) for the installers to come. Luckily the weather has been beautiful, and I'm able to sit outside and write. With not much to distract me (not even laundry-Yay!) I've been contemplating my rewrite of The Double D. My procrastination has paid off and several new ideas will be implemented. My characters have been trying to claw their way out of my head. I awoke on Sunday, after a night of their constant babbling, with that yearning desire to write. I made this note:

Monday I sat down write about a melancholy cowboy and an opptismistic ranch owner. As I tried to express their feelings, they took over and I had a prolific writing day. All this week has been good writing and I feel energized. If I keep this pace up the rewrite will be done before NaNoWriMo.


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