The last few days I've been rereading the novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo 2015. I shouldn't have been surprised at its length with NaNo's fifty-thousand-word goal but I had written more of the story than I thought. Inserted within the story are parenthesis that made me chuckle. (name of old bity), (someplace I can't remember), and (bimbo teacher) were just a few.

This particular story is the third in a small town series set in fictional Fortuna, Texas. It was fun to be reacquainted with the cast of characters and the town antics. I'd forgotten how Desire (a short, little old lady with Spock-like hair, who happens to be one of my favorite characters) tries to seduce handsome police officer Ben when he pulls her over for a moving violation.

As I continue to edit the first in the Fortuna Texas series, The Double D, I find looking into the later stories helps me enrich the original. The characters have depth, likes and dislikes, faults and, let me tell you, there are plenty of shenanigans.

I can't get Fortuna Fantasies published until The Double D is done so back to editing.


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