Good Friends

Recently, I met a few women and over an evening of dinner and drinks, we had enough inside jokes to fuel many laughs and spawn a short story.

Usually my stories come from dreams but, in this case, I was inspired by companionship, smiles and laughs. One of the women took a quiz on Facebook: what would your name be today? We searched the decades and giggled over our names from the 40s or 1890. Our alter egos: Bella, Gia & Electa were born.

These three names have been swirling around in my head with a plot for a week or so. In the story, the characters live by the mantra "good friends don't let you do stupid things alone." I plan to write a 1K word story today. This flash fiction will be a gift for two of the women who volunteer their time to work with children. With any luck it will earn a few giggles.


  1. Awesome! I learned something fun on the show "American Pickers" in which they said your cowboy name should be a combination of the first car you owned and the first love interest you kissed. Mine would be Regal Blinco, which I think sounds pretty darn cool. Now that I think of it, I should put that on a blog post or maybe Facebook. :) Happy writing and cheers to wonderful volunteers.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words. My cowboy name is Pontiac Ellis. Lol. Perhaps we have something for the 2015 Nanowrimo.


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