New Nano Novel Completed

Elaine McCollum is truly my biggest fan. At 95 years old, and an avid reader, she tears up when I hand her my latest manuscript, In Triplicate. What an ego boost! She hasn't even opened the binder and looked at the title page.

I started In Triplicate on November 1st. On November 30, 2011 I had written 52K words. This novel was nowhere near completed yet my goal was to finish it before Christmas. My Grandmother's gift this year was a new book. I persevered and by December 22nd I concluded the work with a simple yet somewhat cheesy line:
With Walden Beckenbauer still at large, life held uncertainties, but one thing was for certain, as she clung to her new husband, she knew that no one could clone their love.
I have never given myself a deadline before and was surprised that when I put my fingers to work the words flowed like water when you turn on a faucet. The completed novel is 75k+ words. I printed the 140 or so pages and handed them to my grandmother unedited.

She told me that reading about sex doesn't do a thing for her at her age (which is good because I wouldn't want to know otherwise). She was wearing an Angry Birds hat (whom she said was her date) while telling me this.

If I cut out the sex there are 46k words. Just kidding there is no sex but a canoe load (come on, it's a story about summer camp) of kissing. I hope that's okay when you are 95.

Anyone care to read about Lauren McKay and the handsome identical triplets? I will post more if there is interest. I will definitely post my Grandmother's comments once I get her review.
Rochelle Bradley


  1. I spoke with my Grandmother this morning to find out how she liked it. She has not finished it yet and reading some each day. "I like it" and "it's neat" were the comments she made. It wasn't the glowing review i'd hoped for but at least it wasn't another lecture about sex in literature. I will update this again once she is finished. =)


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